How are your eyes?

My eyes? (laughs)
They're good enough to drive... we'll put it that way.

Will you drive people back home?

Oh yeah... we're not going to strand anybody. (laughs)
This is not something where I ask them how they voted at the end, and if they didn't vote the way I voted, I'd leave them behind.

Incidentally, whether you're a Democrat or Republican... the ideas is to vote. What we want is something that is representative of the second district of Nebraska–because we may decide this election.

What will you drive?

Well, one way or another, we're going to do this in the most efficient way. That probably means getting a van or a bus or something of the sort.

One thing I promise you, on November 9th, I will not have any apologies about the number of people I got to the polls.

Can people take selfies with you?

You bet they can take selfies. We're not going to a funeral!
We're going to participate the ultimate act of a democracy. It's fun. It's important, but there no reason not to have a lot of fun along the way. So, sure, we'll take them coming and we'll take them going.